The fitlicity Five


This bite-sized but power-packed book introduces you to The fitlicity Five, my top 5 Principles (what we eat) and Philosophies (why and how we eat) of Habit-Based Health. Put into practice with the fitlicity HBIC Handbook, The fitlicity Five empower effective, efficient, and enjoyable eating experiences Every Damn Day.

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Food does not have to be a four-letter word, FFS!

My top five Principles (what we eat) and Philosophies (why and how we eat) of Habit-Based Health will teach you the tools, tactics, skills, strategies, behaviors, and beliefs to optimize physical and physiological performance and physique from temples to toes – free of confusion, complexity, and calculation.

That mouthful is my way of saying, eating your way to looking and feeling your best from the inside out is easy as one, two, three (…four, five!) with The fitlicity Five at your fingertips. 

Prioritize the Principles and Philosophies of The fitlicity Five Every Damn Day, in every experience you encounter. As for the rest? Be flexible, be forbearing, and be focused. Need some help putting it into practice? I got your back, and your belly with the fitlicity HBIC Handbook.

fitlicity for All

In an effort to assign action to the fitlicity Principles and Philosophies, fitlicity, LLC will contribute $0.23 of each The fitlicity Five unique digital download to a policy, organization, or program dedicated to advancing racial, ethnic, or socio-economic equity in the food and fitness systems.


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