fitlicity +foundations

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, or controlled by eating? Have you tried countless diets and food-fads without lasting results?

Whether food is a four-letter-word in your vocabulary or you’re comfortable balancing a food scale in one hand and MyFitnessPal in the other, fitlicity +foundations is for you.

Got goals? No matter if you’re looking to lose body fat, increase energy, or improve your performance in the gym, I will teach you how to eat your way to looking, feeling, and functioning your best.

fitlicity +foundations offers one-on-one nutrition support tailored to meet your specific goals and needs, free of rules, restrictions, and complexity. Through holistic, realistic, and individualized coaching, I provide applicable nutrition education and habit-based behavior practice that leads to sustainable change and generates optimal physiological and physical results, all while fostering a positive relationship with eating and exercise.

fitlicity +foundations is an 8-week individualized, private nutrition coaching + support program that includes:

  • 1:1 support
  • In-depth initial evaluation of goals, lifestyle, health history, past and present nutrition practices
  • Collaborative habit-based goal setting with measurable progress indicators
  • Comprehensive analysis of current dietary behaviors and patterns
  • Applicable recommendations, strategies, and tools for implementing improvements that align with your goals – your Custom Nutrition Strategy
  • Daily food log review with a minimum analysis of five (5) full days of eating
  • Weekly meal plan support
  • Bi-weekly progress check-ins via email or phone
  • Unlimited on-line support
  • Access to customized recipe library via curated, private Pinterest boards
  • Supplemental tools and worksheets covering meal planning and preparation techniques, recipe development, consumer education, portion control, dining out, and more
  • Access to exclusive bi-weekly newsletter featuring recipes, nutrition tips, and news
  • Access to client community

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