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Through holistic, realistic, and individualized coaching, I provide applicable nutrition education that leads to sustainable change.

I’ll teach you how to nourish your body from temples to toes with delicious food, how to make intentional, intuitive choices based on your body’s biological needs, how to become as a conscious consumer, how to look and feel  your best from the inside out, and ultimately how to build a stable lifestyle founded on nutritional practice.

I understand that you – parent of three, girl boss in the making, social butterfly, all-star athlete, and homebody – have needs as unique as you are. Which is why I get to know you, from your schedule, to your food history, to your preferences, and develop a flexible, outcome-driven plan to optimize your performance and cultivate connections between the way you eat and the way you navigate the world.

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fitlicity +foundations

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, or controlled by eating? Have you tried countless diets and food-fads without lasting results?

Whether food is a four-letter-word in your vocabulary or you’re comfortable balancing a food scale in one hand and MyFitnessPal in the other, fitlicity +foundations is for you.

fitlicity +foundations offers one-on-one nutrition support tailored to meet your specific goals and needs, free of rules, restrictions, and complexity. Through holistic, realistic, and individualized coaching, I provide applicable nutrition education and habit-based behavior practice that leads to sustainable change and generates optimal physiological and physical results, all while fostering a positive relationship with eating and exercise.

fitlicity +foundations is an 8-week customized nutrition support program that includes:

  • 1:1 support
  • In-depth initial evaluation of goals, lifestyle, health history, past and present nutrition practices
  • Collaborative habit-based goal setting with measurable progress indicators
  • Comprehensive analysis of current dietary behaviors and patterns
  • Applicable recommendations, strategies, and tools for implementing improvements that align with your goals – your individualized foundation to nutritional approach
  • Weekly progress check-ins via email or phone
  • Weekly meal review with analysis on a minimum of three full days of eating per week
  • Unlimited on-line support
  • Access to customized recipe library via curated, private Pinterest boards
  • Supplemental tools and worksheets covering meal planning and preparation techniques, recipe development, consumer education, portion control, dining out, and more
  • Access to exclusive bi-weekly newsletter featuring recipes, nutrition tips, and news
  • Access to client community

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fitlicity +fuel

A nutritious lifestyle doesn’t end in 8 weeks. Continued support is available for program graduates on a monthly basis.


Take the first step in building the foundation of your happy, healthy, and fit life. Contact me for coaching availability and your free introductory survey today. I can’t wait to meet you!

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