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You are here. And I am hype to have you.

Welcome to the HBIC Hub. The HBIC Handbook is a guide to Habit-Hacking Your Health written by the self-proclaimed HBIC of Habit-Based Health herself (that’s me, Al!).

I created the HBIC Handbook with every fiber of my brussels-brimming body in an effort to empower effective and efficient educated eating experiences through intentional implementation of individualized insight. If you’re feeling like you bit off more than you can chew with that mouthful, let me break it down for you…

I’ve got your back, and your belly.

The HBIC Handbook is intended to bring awareness to how what you do shapes you from the inside out – literally. Brace yourself for a little sass backed by a lotta science and boiled down to a single solution: the secret sauce to Sustainable Sustenance. As a member of the fitlicityfam holding (or scrolling) the HBIC Handbook, you subscribe to the behavior-based belief that you are what you repEATedly do. But don’t sweat! You’re not doomed into greasy-grub or sticky-sweet destiny. Our biology is fluid, not fixed. So we’re going to do you, boo! And this is where Habit-Hacking Your Health enters the mixing bowl. The Habit-Hacks outlined in this handbook promote Habit-Based Identity Congruence (HBIC) – the alignment between the question: “Who do I want to be?” (to which you respond, “The HBIC!”) and the answer: Habit-Based Intentional Choices (HBIC).

Here’s how the HBIC Handbook works. Over the course of five days, you’ll navigate the space between Where You Are and Where You’re Going from cover to cover, connecting the dots from Point A to Point Z with me as your Coach! Every Damn Day, you’ll explore micro but mighty Habit-Based Health Hacks, Wellness Worksheets, and Eating Exercises powered by The fitlicity Five – my proprietary Principles (what) and Philosophies (why and how) of Habit-Based Health. And Every Damn Day after that, you’ll rinse and repEAT to encourage effective and efficient eating experiences for… eternity. That’s right, the HBIC Handbook is for life… your life.

The power is in your hands, fitlicityfam, the HBIC Handbook empowers you to use it.

fitlicity for All

With empowering education and experiences, fitlicity is an essence that can be embodied by everybody and every (space) body. This is Habit-Based Health: the behavior-backed belief that we are not a byproduct of our circumstances, but rather a product of our choices. In an effort to assign action to the fitlicity Principles and Philosophies, fitlicity, LLC will donate $1.00 USD for each digital download of the fitlicity HBIC Handbook to a policy, organization, or program dedicated to advancing racial, ethnic, or socio-economic equity in the food and fitness systems.

Examples of fitlicity HBIC Handbook funded policies, organizations, and/or programs include: HEAL Food Alliance, Farm to School, Civil Eats, Black Women’s Health Imperative, Food First, National Collaborative for Health Equity, and more.