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Face and founder of @fitlicity, Alex is a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist, Exercise Science Nutritionist, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, and CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer.

Often called “Al”,  she spends her early mornings at CrossFit Costa Mesa and evenings cozied up on the couch with her husband, Moses, and spunky puppy, Genny in their coastal Newport Beach, CA apartment. Self-proclaimed vegetable queen and lover of all foods green, you’re sure to find Al reaching for anything made with brussels or cauliflower. Al won’t hesitate to tell you that she loves few things more than deadlifts and grocery shopping. Eating and exercise are her passion in the pursuit of Optimal Health, and Habit-Based Health Coaching is her purpose.

When she’s not in the gym with a barbell in her hands, you can find Al elbow deep in meal prep, serving up real food that serves her from temples to toes, and planning her next trip around the globe.

The power is in your hands. I’ll empower you with the insight to implement it.

“I’m doing everything right and nothing works!” Sound familiar? That’s where I come in your personal pocket educator. If you’re comfortable balancing meal prep in one hand and a dumbbell in the other but are feeling fed up and frustrated that your efforts are having no effect, a fitlicity +focus Consultation Cycle is for you.

I’ll survey where you are and provide a roadmap for guiding you where you want to go with individualized tools, tactics, skills, strategies, behaviors, and beliefs to optimize your physical and physiological performance and physique from temples to toes – free of confusion, complexity, and calculation.

That’s my way of saying: With my insight and your implementation, you’ll eat and exercise your way to looking, feeling, and functioning your very best… for good.

What to expect from a fitlicity +focus Consultation Cycle

  • In-depth initial assessment of goals, lifestyle, health history, past and present nutrition practices, and more
  • Collaborative goal setting with measurable progress indicators
  • Comprehensive analysis of current dietary and exercise habits, patterns, and behaviors via 3-day Meal Monitoring in a private, digital Portal
  • Custom Nutrition Strategy with sustainable strategies (no calculations and complexity necessary!)
  • Optional target calorie calculations and macronutrient ratios
  • Access to The fitlicity Five – my top Principles and Philosophies to the why and how of what we eat
  • Access to Meal Monitoring templates and reference tabs via a private, interactive digital Portal
  • Applicable action-items, strategies, systems, tools and tactics for Implementing Insight including but not limited to suggested meal compositions, exercise strategies, and otherwise lifestyle adaptations such as sleep support and stress management.
  • Two private touch bases (30 minute phone call, FaceTime, or in-person consultation)
  • Access to curated recipe library
  • Access to multimedia educational Modules
  • Access to Wellness Worksheets and Eating Exercises exploring topics such as meal planning and preparation, recipe development, emotional eating, consumer education, intuitive eating, dining out, and more!
  • Access to fitlicityfam Exclusive Email content featuring tips, tricks, and habit-based healthy hints
  • Optional Private Program enhancements including: daily or weekly meal monitoring, personalized functional fitness programming, personalized meal plans, and more!

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Your approach to nutrition and fitness has done wonders for me after a season of serious depression. Routine, dedication, and showing up for myself has been life changing in a way that I can keep up forever.

fitlicity +foundations Participant

I feel like I’ve come such a long way in such a short amount of time, and I have you to thank for that! You taught me one of the most basic things in life – how to feed myself. Your program and guidance was the missing piece to my health and fitness journey.

fitlicity +foundations Participant

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