The fitlicity Five: Philosophies

The fitlicity Five are my top Principles and Philosophies to approaching a habit-based, nutrient-dense lifestyle.

Defined by a set of practices, skills, systems, behaviors, and beliefs, The fitlicity Five are born out of my very own experience choosing grease over greens, and backed by applied science.

What began as a skin-shallow means of body composition change bred a soul-deep method of radical behavior change.

What I learned, practice, and preach is that above – or shall I say below – all else, it’s the why and how of what we eat that is critical to success, where success is ultimately defined as looking, feeling, and functioning our very best.

The fitlicity Five: Philosophies

Progress Over Perfection

It is possible to be precise, and to be excellent, without being perfect. In fact, it’s preferred. The pursuit of perfectionism encourages you to stall. It allows you to play it safe, to dumb it down, to remain the same, to keep it comfortable and generally to avoid doing the thing – anything – that will move you closer to your goals. Perfection paralyzes the possibility of progress. There is no action-plan for perfection, but there is an action-plan for being your best, and for increasing that standard every day. That action-plan is persistence and perseverance. It’s continuing a course of action despite difficulty and delay in success. It’s challenging yourself and exposing yourself to opportunities for mishaps, mistakes, and failure so that you can adapt and evolve. This, above all the tips, tricks, and healthy hints for choosing the quality and quantity of your food, is the ultimate takeaway I want you to repEAT, over and over again.

Prevent Impulse, Promote Intention

When you participate in an activity that makes you feel good in the moment but serves no future value or is in avoidance of your goals and values, you are choosing something for gratification. Gratification is the temporary act of pleasing, whereas satisfaction is the lasting feeling pleasure obtained by fulfillment. When it comes to eating, pleasure comes in different disguises: as the immediate sensation of wanting and liking a food in the moment or as a longer lasting feeling of total well-being after a meal. Apply this philosophy to your eating choices by plotting the increase or decrease in pleasure over time. What things merely fill you up, and what things fulfill you to the brim?

Own It

There is major power in active awareness of your choices, especially when it comes to what you put into your body. As a member of the fitlicityfam, you subscribe to the belief that you are not a product of your circumstances, but rather a result of your choices. A reflection of your systems and beliefs. Chalking up choices that act in avoidance of your goals to weak willpower and  “whoops!” is not an option. Rather, we have to take ownership of our actions by implementing The fitlicity Five Triple-A Triage: Acknowledge, Analyze, Adapt.

Neutral Narrative

Your approach to a nutrient-dense lifestyle is not a capital-D “Diet,” it’s simply the way you choose to eat. The food you eat is not good or bad, nor does it impose that implied morality onto your sense of self. Remember to think like a scientist, not a judge. Guide with policies, rather than policing. Prioritizing nourishment is not a means to an end, but rather a way of life that integrates physical, physiological, and psychological wellbeing.

Fake It ’til You Make It

I give you full permission to “fake it til you make it,” y’all. RepEAT after me: if you don’t believe you’re the kind of person who can achieve the goals you have set, no amount of resolve is going to lead to action. And ultimately, it’s action that yields results (or not). Identity-based habits are formed by acting like the person you want to be, until you actually become them. 

Life hack: stop setting outcome-based goals and start setting identity-based intentions.

The fitlicity Five: Principles

How do these Philosophies of why and how you eat apply to what is on your plate and in your belly? With The fitlicity Five Principles!

Ready to change the way you approach eating for good?

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The fitlicity Five, my group program designed to guide you in building your foundation to a sustainable happy, healthy, and habit-based nutrient-dense life with added accountability from the fitlicityfam!

With The fitlicity Five, you will learn how to nourish your body from temples to toes with delicious food, how to make intentional, intuitive choices based on your body’s biological needs, how to cultivate connections between the way you eat and the way you navigate the world, and how to build a sustainable lifestyle founded on an attainable approach to nutrition and habit-based health.

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