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Turkey Bacon Egg Cups a la @fitlicity

Pro Plate Tip: pair it with roasted brussels, pear, and onion and a side salad.

Healthy Hint: Meal prep the egg cups and “breaky brussels” up to seven days in advance. RehEAT the egg cups gently in 30 second microwave increments, and crisp up the veggies in the air fryer.

Eat the Rainbow Breaky Plate

Featuring seven-minute Jammy Eggs a la @fitlicity, smoked salmon, turkey bacon, crunchy raw veggies of every color, texture, and flavor profile… and a special appearance by a cauliflower “bagel”.

Mains (Lunch + Dinner)

I operate on a “leftovers for lunch” planning strategy, so each of the meals below yield at least four servings for myself and Mo.

Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcock is simply a preparation method of a whole chicken that involves removing the backbone and breaking the breastbone so that the chicken lays flat – cooking more evenly (and quickly!). The marinade du jour in honor of Super Bowl Sunday is buffalo!

Pair it with: cacao e pepe brussel sprouts and roasted cauliflower.

Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole

I’m modifying one of my own culinary creations to bring you something a little bit new with a bite of familiar flavor! Stay tuned. But until then, use this recipe for ooey-gooey but totally ooey-gooey-good-for-you deliciousness.

Pair it with: sautéed green beans and asparagus

Spanakopita Meatballs

If you’re wondering what in the heck Spanakopita is… so was I! But the photo of this dish was so dang pretty, it was worth a trip to the Google machine. A quick browser search informed me that these meatballs are inspired by a Greek culture classic – savory spinach pie (sans phyllo dough).

Pair it with: vegetable medley, a tzatziki sauce, and a side salad

Butternut Squash Chicken Curry

A trip to the Weather app (one of my Meal Planning pro tips – check the forecast!) showed me that a cozy, rainy evening lay ahead. Cue: a comforting bowl of curry. This recipe uses one of my favorite packaged products – Yai’s Thai Curry!

My mods: I’m making the fat content a bit more modest by using 1/2 can of Yai’s Thai sauce

Pair it with: cauliflower rice and extra spinach

Shrimp, Peas, and “Rice”

A surplus stock of frozen jumbo shrimp inspired this “Fish Thursday” dish… and girl, I am glad about that!

My mods: I’m subbing confetti rice, a colorful blend cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot, in place of the called-for grain

Pair it with: roasted lemon parmesan broccoli


Cottage Cheese Power Bowl

Spoon out a base of 1/2 cup cottage cheese and let your fridge and pantry inspire the rest. If you’re afraid cottage cheese isn’t your thing… make sure you try it first! May I suggest Good Culture or Nancy’s? If it’s still not your thing, opt for greek yogurt or ricotta, instead!

Pair it with: sweet fresh or frozen berries nuts and nut butter (maybe even a piece of dark chocolate or sprinkle of cacao nibs!) or savory tomato, cucumber and bell pepper with olives and basil (go crazy with a balsamic drizzle!)

Bistro Box

I like to mix and match my snacks bistro-box style. All you need is protein, fiber, and fat!

Protein: deli meat slices, smoked salmon, hard boiled egg, canned tuna, chicken slices, yogurt or cottage cheese

Fiber: raw crunchy veggies (snap peas, celery, carrots, bell pepper, zucchini) or fresh berries (blue, black, straw, or rasp)

Fat: cheese wedges, nuts, nut butter, avocado, or olives

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