Week of Eats

It’s that week. You know, the one between The Holidays and New Years when you have no idea what day of the week it is and your stuck somewhere between soaking up every last bit of sweet (savory) freedom and reinstating your routine.

With the exception of a few more meals coming from someone else’s kitchen and a slight uptick in greek yogurt bowls, My eating habits don’t change much at all during The Holidays because they’re just that – my habits and preferences.

When I first started my Fitness Journey one day in April 2016 by choosing stop over snooze as a 7 a.m. alarm chimed, crunching out every rep of a living room core workout, and blending up a (chunky AF) “superfood” smoothie… I was a not-very-healthy human in healthy gal’s clothing, playing the part of a person who loved exercise and eating nutritious food. When faced with the choice to sleep in or rise n’ grind, I asked myself, “What would the healthy human do?” And I did that. When faced with the option of grease or greens, I asked myself, “What would the healthy human do?” And I did that. Over and over again, with hundreds of choices big and small, I acted like the healthy human until one day, years later, I actually was her.

Today, I identify with the person I once intended to be – someone energized, confident, and self-aware who prioritized health, happiness, and habits through nutrition and fitness. And so, I have no desire to act in avoidance of my values and beliefs, no matter what the time of year.

Read more on that and download a FREE Wellness Workbook in my latest blog: The Magic Pill

All of that said written, let’s take a whiff of how I’m marinating, roasting and sautéing into the next decade.

Spatchcock Chicken

Almost every Sunday, I bake up this simple, versatile, flavorful butterflied bird for supper… and lunch, and another lunch. This week’s marinade is a lemon tuscan herb rub. I’ll be plating my portion with my latest craving craze: sautéed shaved brussels and cauliflower with hazelnut and rosemary asiago. Mo’s will get served with with steamed sweet potato, and we’ll share sides of salad and roasted carrot.

Dijon Herb Pork Tenderloin

‘Tis the turn of a calendar year y’all, and in true Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, that means pork and sauerkraut. I’ll be dishing up our good fortune with a dijon herb marinated tenderloin seared and steamed to pressure in my InstantPot with apple and cabbage, all topped with a smooth and savory pan sauce of broth and apple cider vinegar and served over cauliflower mash.

Pomegranate Chicken Thigh

ICYMI, I whipped up a finger lickin’ good Christmas dinner salad of pear an pomegranate atop a bed of baby kale, arugula, and spinach. It was so well liked by Mo’s flavor-loving fam, my MIL left with what little leftovers remained in the bowl. Despite leaving dinner empty handed (trust me, it’s a win!), I did have leftover pomegranate seeds that needed using up. And this is how my brain works… I typed “Pomegranate Chicken” into the google machine and scrolled the pages until I found a few recipes to inspire my own culinary creation. I’ll be serving mine with (you guessed it) brussels, kale, and cauli and Mo’s with rice.


Did you know the American Heart Association recommends a minimum of two servings of fish or seafood – particularly fatty fish – per week? Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines and albacore tuna boast heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation. It’s why I’ve established Thursday “Fish Night” in the Coll-Kim household and personally aim to consume salmon 3 times during the weekend. Whole Foods had a killer sale on thick and juicy halibut filets a few weeks back that I’ll be defrosting and either baking with lemon and herbs or poaching with coconut curry… let’s see where the cravings take us.


For my fave meal of the day, I’m cooking up familiar flavors like turkey bacon wrapped egg cups to be plated with salad and breaky brussels n’ onion and, despite cold temps, will be catering to a cool, crunchy craving with a bistro box of jammy eggs, smoked salmon, and veggies galore.


Once again, leaning on my go-to rolodex of meals with cottage cheese or greek yogurt power bowls, bistro boxes, or collard wraps.

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