Week of Eats 1216

Receipts rejoice! I was way under my $200 grocery budget this week, tallying $178! This means one of two very different things. 1) I forgot a bunch of stuff or 2) I was extremely efficient with maximizing some Staple Stock Ups and leftover produces. After making my list and checking it twice… good news! It appears the latter is true.

$200 per week yields roughly 60 meals for myself and Mo between post-workout recovery, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners – not to mention licks, bites, and tastes, nibbles and munchies, and of course, desserts. That comes out to $3.33 per meal! Hot dang, I’ll call that a freakin’ steal.

Here’s what the protein, produce, and packaged products of that spend are serving up this week:

Let’s kick it off with my weekend ideas (not pictured in the plan above, but most def accounted for on my expanded spreadsheet). I like to loosely draft up some dishes I’m craving, usually ones that are some combination of the following:
a) kitchen clean-out inspired, maximizing Staple Stock Ups or leftovers
b) a bit more complex or time consuming to make or plate
c) comforting and cozy
d) something Mo doesn’t prefer
e) all of the above

As it currently stands, I’m day-drooling over my Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole (method in this blog), Spaghetti Squash Egg Bake, a Create Your Own Pizza experience – Cali’flour Foods crust for me (use the code FITLICITY and save some dough on your dough), or perhaps some air fried Fish Sticks. We’ll see where the belly takes me and you can follow along on my stories, daily!

Sunday Night supper is… you guessed it – Spatchcock Chicken! Peep my method in this post. I’ll be plating it up with some combination of my favorite veggies: cauliflower and brussels!

The minute I scrolled up this Italian Sausage Kale Casserole, I knew it would have a place in my plan! I had leftover mushrooms and kale in the fridge, always have marinara in my pantry, and was immediately excited by the cozy vibes of the dish. I’ll modify the recipe to yield four servings, plating mine with Cauli Mash a la fitlicity, Mo’s with roasted carrot, and a salad shared between us.

Our ButcherBox was delivered (Ranch Steaks included) just in time to inspire a recipe a promised I would repEAT, Thai Basil Beef Stir Fry! By marinating the beef over the weekend and combining the veggies night-of, I recall this combo being the perfect partial-prep recipe that boasted amazing flavor and kudos from Mo! We’ll both get our portions dished up with rice (white for Mo, cauli for me) and blanched broccoli. Yum!

Leveraging yet another repEAT recipe, Tandoori Chicken is in rotation this week. I’ll make up the marinade ahead of time, and air fry the thighs night-of for optimal flavor and freshness. You’ll see it paired with a lemon-herb yogurt sauce and plated my with one of my favorite sides of the season: roasted shredded brussels, cauliflower, and grapes.

If all goes according to plan and I whip up a small batch of Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole this weekend, I’ll have some leftover ground meat that I plan on combining with some chopped shrimp and Primal Palate adobo seasoning for some flavorful patties inspired by one of my favorite meal prep friendly recipes!

I’ll round out the eats with breakfasts – Egg Cups a la fitlicity and a sweet n’ savory Winter Squash Breakfast Bake (recipe coming!) – and snacks – cottage cheese power bowls, collard wraps, bistro boxes, and more!

Did any of these dishes spark your palate and get penciled into your plan? Let me know!

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