Week of Eats .008

With all due respect, all y’all bloggers and ‘grammers and recipe developers who are seeping sentiments of fall into your foodie flatlays and crafty captions can GTFO off my feed, okay?!

Just kidding, ILU all! But come on now, let’s embrace the long days and minimal layers of the season we are in, for at least a little while longer, before we go full blown squash n’ soup.

So from me to you, a summery Week of Eats because… August. 90 degrees. 9 p.m. sunset…

ButcherBox has arrived, my friends! And it came boasting two cuts of meat that will be featured on this week’s menu. First up, Sirlion Tips. I’ll be grilling these tender cuts and serving them with an a la carte spread of steak-house inspired sides including sautéed ghee mushrooms, roasted brussels, cauliflower mash, and more! This dinner won’t just be about the fuel and the flavor, but the entire eating experience.

A whole chicken is a Meal Prep-er’s savior! I was so happy with the flavor, texture, and leftover’s we reaped from last week’s Spatchcock Chicken… I’m doin’ it again! I’ve got leftover produce and garnish in the fridge, so I’ll be going for a Herby Lemon Fennel vibe paired with broccoli and a creamy ricotta Palmini pasta.

Oh my gosh! I was so excited when I scrolled upon this Paleo-Friendly Chicken Ruby Murray (think curry) recipe that is inspired by and modified from the best Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to in the whole wide world – literally, because it’s in London – Dishoom. Moses and I ate here the night after we got engaged! #Feels #Mems I can hardly wait to plate this dish up with some cauliflower (roasted or rice?) and spinach.

Another ButcherBox (and summer!) inspired meal, Baby Back Ribs. I’ve never cooked ribs before, but I’m pretty hype to add it to my repertoire. I’ll be using my InstantPot and serving it up with Buffalo Brussels & Cauli and a big bowl o’ kale salad. Fingers crossed for success! Stay tuned.

A few variations of a nutritious spanish-inspired Romesco have been floating around my Pinterest and ‘gram lately, and the gorgeous red-orange hue pulled me right in to double-tap & flag, and ultimately inspiring this week’s Thursday seafood spread. I’ll be grilling up shrimp and scallops and roasting cauliflower steaks and green beans as the base for this surprisingly simple, nutty sauce.

Reoccurring faves like Prosciutto Egg Cups, Breaky Brussels and Onion, Blueberry Pecan Breaky Sauasage, Lemon-Dill Yogurt Breaky Boxes, Cottage Cheese Power Bowls, and Adobo Chicken Burgers are filling out the snacks n’ gaps!

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