Week of Eats .004

What a whirlwind ten days it’s been for your gal! My four-day trip to Nashville a honky tonkin’ good time and everything I had hoped – a lil’ sweaty and a lil’ relaxing, and a lot delicious and a lot nutritious. In fact it was so much fun, Mercury’s retrograde rotation decided I needed to soak it up just a little bit longer than anticipated, when my already-late-night flight home was delayed FOUR times, landing me (literally) with a FOUR A.M. bed time Monday morning. Alas, I’m finally feeling like a fully functioning human again and I’m celebrating (and procrastinating cleaning) with my personal favorite part of my routine: planning my week of eats!

Salmon Burgers are a fitlicity original recipe that haven’t graced my plate in too long. Though I have come around to the taste of dill since the inception of this recipe, I love the simple flavor of these meal-prep friendly burgers that pair well with just about any side. This week, I’ll be tossing it in glass tupperware with a side of crispy roasted garlicky broccoli and a nutritient-dense waldorf salad!

I was walking Genny just this morning, scanning Pinterest for recipes not yet feeling inspired, when this Apple Cider Vinegar Grilled Chicken stopped me dead in my scroll. It sounds (and looks!) so perfectly simple and summery, yet entirely drool-worthy delicious. I’m plating bowling? it with a massive kale salad and smashed brussels or roasted cauli.

On a mission to stick to my weekly grocery budget, the idea of Chicken Sausage Peppers n’ Onions comes from a surplus of frozen Italian chicken sausage in our freezer – and the fact that peppers and onion is one of my trusty go-to meals I could repEAT over and over again. Method: To Be Determined. I could take to the grill if I’m craving a bit of bubbly char, stick to the sheet pan for extra-ease, or sauté over the skillet if I so please! I’ll be experimenting with a cauliflower polenta, and definitely serving with some simple fresh greens.

Of all the delicious eats I’ve got planned for the week, I may be most excited for the anticipated flavor-bomb that is this carnitas-inspired Pulled Pork Tenderloin with chili-lime watermelon jicama salad! Dare I take it next level and throw that melon on the grill for some gorgeous iron marks? I am pretty dang proud of myself for day-drooling up this combo.

Here’s hoping for clear skies this week, because I just realized I’m firing up the grill almost every night. Another idea bred from a budget-conscious freezer clean out: Grilled Pesto and Tomato Sirloin Skewers using our two remaining ButcherBox top sirloin rounds. **YUM** This recipe calls for flank steak, but I think sirloin will work just perfectly! It’s all about improvising, y’all. I am thoroughly excited to serve it next to an arugula salad with snap pea and prosciutto and a heaping pile of roasted radish.

Finally, the Sunday Bonus Supper! We’ll see where my cravings take me, but as of now, I’m planning on finally whipping up a Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai that’s been on the tip of my tastebuds for weeks!

Here’s how it’s playing out with my breakfasts and snacks! You know the drill, I love using leftovers for lunches! It makes planning and prepping so super simple. Mo gets a few different sides that meet his needs and preferences.

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