Week of Eats .003

Go with the flow. It’s a saying we all know, and it comes more naturally to some of us than others. But did you know that Flow has more to do with maximizing your productivity power to make $#!% happen than it does amble through life.  Psychological Flow describes the positive mental state of being completely absorbed, focused, and involved in your activities at a certain point in time, as well as deriving enjoyment from being engaged in that activity.

Each week, as I browse Pinterest and the gram, when the puzzle of proteins, veggies, and flavor profiles starts aligning in my brain and on my blank plan template, I get genuinely excited – buzzing from the endorphins of an hour invested in my goals and day drooling over the nutritious and delicious tastes to come. Meal planning, and meal prep, is my Flow state.

The Kim household has totally been vibing on shrimp as of late, so when I scrolled past this incredibly photogenic Creamy Shrimp Primavera, I had to flag to my “eats” collection. Instead of traditional pasta, I’ll be serving mine up with palmini, my latest impasta‘ obsession. I love the mediterranean flavors the hearts of palm-based noodles give off, and its texture is perfectly light for warm summer nights. Knowing I have some surplus veggies in the fridge (oops, I can’t help myself!), I’m going to expand this recipe into a primavera with the likes of bell pepper, snap pea, and squash with fresh mint and basil plucked right from my herb garden. Plus, I’ll be picking up some fancy dough from the fresh-made pasta case at Whole Foods!

With our ButcherBox arriving porch-side last week, our freezer is brimming overflowing with protein! I don’t cook with ground pork often, but when I saw this Whole30 compliant Weeknight Picadillo recipe, the wheels started turning and the mouth started watering. Typically prepared with beef, Picadillo is a Latin American hash of seasoned meat, spicy tomato sauce, optional sweet raisins, and briny olives. I want to get this specific flavor profile just right, so I won’t be making any Al-mods to this one (other than swapping the protein!). You’ll see my portion paired with a side of cauliflower rice and butter lettuce, while Mo will gets heaping helping of white rice.

Another ButcherBox freezer-space-free-up-inspire meal, BBQ beef brisket comes together – or shall I say, literally falls apart – in just 60 minutes in the InstantPot. Another time when I want to make sure I get texture and flavor just right, I’ll be following this recipe down to the Tbsp of seasoning. See what I did there? I’ll be plating this with crispy brussels sprouts & caramelized onion and, of course – my summer go-to, a simple side salad.

I confess, I never wound up making the nut butter satay/pad thai combo I dreamed of and drafted about last week. Alas, the tastebuds were tempted by calls of my shawarma spice blend, and I answered. But this week, the craving concept is resurfacing, though in different preparation. We’re trading eat-from-a-bowl for eat-with-your-hands with these Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps topped a nutty (or seedy) sauce and a big ol’ bowl of crunchy cabbage salad. The sauce is inspired by this macro-minded recipe and the chicken mixture by this recipe. I’ll be going a little freeform here to make my perfectly palate-pleasing concoction.

Stay tuned for my recipe and method for these Grilled Salmon & Grape Skewers that are sure to delight. Delight is literally the word that comes to my mind when I picture how these are going come together. I’ll be serving the freshly-made protein up with a meal-prepped warm kale and cauliflower salad!

For the bonus meal, I anticipate having some leftover ground chicken from a small batch of blueberry pecan break sausage I plan to mix up as a side for my favorite repEAT prosciutto egg cups. I’ll be forming it into this Tandoori Chicken Burger that will make for a mighty taste and ultra convenient reheat n’ eat protein for busy weekends! What shall be my bun, you ask? I’m thinking leftover bib lettuce leaves or a crispy Cali’flour Foods flatbread!

Here’s how it’s all coming together in my Week of Eats.

Any of these flavors get your mouth watering, stomach grumbling, or tastebuds tingling?! Good! Get to cookin’.

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