Week of Eats .002

I’m sitting here, on my couch, before dinner with my laptop perched in it’s namesake position, wrapping up a drool-worthy week of prep. Okay, Al, why the dramatic emphatic use of italics on a seemingly ordinary series of words strung together in a sentence? Well, I’m at that point where the CVS-receipt-long to-do lists in my normally methodically compartmentalized brain are busting out of their respective spaces, unfurling and tangling among one another until I can’t quite see the top – or bottom – of any one list.

Sound familiar? For you, this might be the point where meal planning falls right out of sight and out of mind. But for me, it’s a stress-relieving act of self-care that I hold onto with hook-grip inspired strength. Meanwhile, with my brain fumbling around like a CrossFit newbie attempting a snatch – hook-grip be damned – I must admit to myself that not much traditionally “productive” work is going to get done. So, I’ll be productive where I can! I’ll sit back, on the couch, before dinner (an act that usually only happens after the lunchboxes are loaded and the garnish has been placed on my plate) and get some “work” done, no matter how insignificant it may seem. In the grand scheme, this 30 minutes of planning and preparation saved future me a whole ton of scrambling and a whole ton of money. You go girl! You’ll get back to the big items on that to-do list tomorrow, with one less thing to check off.

Without further ado, a week of eats and recipe inspo comin’ atya! Eat up, friends!

Take this Tomato Feta Shrimp Bake from fridge to plate in only 25 minutes. My bet, it goes from plate to belly in under 5 😉 The recipe calls for dill and parsley, but I’m thinking of tossing some basil into the mix – I know, I’m ~*wild*~ Serve it up over spaghetti squash like me, chickpea pasta like Mo, or any of your other favorite bases like zoodles, rice, or roasted potato.

I have not been able to stop day-drooling over this Thai Basil Beef Stir-Fry since I first pinned in a week or so ago. Literally, visions of the stunning colors and texture filling my fave bowl and fantasies of the flavor bursting in my mouth have occupied serious space in my mind (perhaps why my compartments are so full?) Alas, my ButcherBox arrived just in time with some gorgeous 6oz sirloin rounds that will slice into the perfect protein for this dish. I’m serving mine with a cauliflower “fried rice” and Mo’s with traditional (but better-for-you) fried rice – no quotes needed.

Lemon Grilled chicken thigh is going to be my sort-of-wing-it at the grocery store dish. I’m thinking of a mediterranean-inspired marinade paired with grilled veggies galore – asparagus and zucchini for sure, but do I dare try to grill an artichoke, or revisit my ol’ friend halloumi?! Either way, I’m pairing with a heaping serving of my new favorite pasta alternative, Palmini. Recipe inspo here and here!

Since Mo is not the biggest fan of chicken breast (admittedly, neither am I, after discovering the juicy, flavorful glory that is thighs), I’m taking my Prosciutto & Pesto Chicken Rollatini (find the recipe on my “Food” Highlights) to a different kind of lean meat this week, pork tenderloin. I’m serving mine with simple oven roasted cauliflower and a big ol’ side salad. Inspo here and here!

Adobo Chicken Burgers are one of my favorite repEAT recipes. While the recipe is super simple, the spice and flavor profile is nothing short of spectacular. (Shout to to Primal Palate for combining other-worldly blends into beautiful glass bottles!) You can catch me serving this up with non other than roasted brussels and onion or air fried cauliflower.

Pro tip: Instead of busting out and oiling up the cast iron (and by that I mean oiling up my entire kitchen and probably setting off the smoke alarm), I give these burgers some oven lovin’ for just about 20 minutes in a lightly greased pyrex dish. The meat stays ultra juicy and it takes the prep from high to low maintenance real quick. And spoiler alert: This week, I’m going to get cray-zay by using one-half of the mixture to make patties as per the recipe, and the other one-half to make stuffed peppers! Stay tuned for the outcome.

And a bonus, something I’m planning to plate up Sunday night… TBD-Nut-Butter Chicken Tenderloin Satay with spaghetti squash “Pad Thai”! This craving has been my taste buds for days, and I’m excited to blend a few recipe inspirations, like this, and this, and this, to make my own lil’ palate pleaser. Mo will be serving his portion with his latest culinary conquest – sensory-deprivingly spicy biang biang noodles. Let’s just say my mouth will most certainly be happy, his will be happy… and numb.

That’s all she wrote, fam! I hope you found some flavor-inso for your week ahead. Here’s how I’m putting it all together in my master plan:

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