2018 Goals + Intentions


Once upon a time, I was a chronic resolution-er. December 31 would roll ’round and a frustrated me would internalize the hundreds of ways I was going to overhaul my life the next morning. “Solving life’s problems” with an organized closet and a(nother) gym membership, amirite?! And yet, years and years marked by one vague resolution after another passed without action and without change. The closet became disorganized, the gym membership went unused. This trip around the sun, I’m rebelling against the resolution (like a few of my friends), and I’m asking you to join me. It seems to me that resolutions, although undeniably well-intentioned, are bred from negativity (where a resolution is defined as a solution to a problem), and are often radical, restrictive, and hasty. Instead, I’m focusing on a solid foundation of attainable (and better yet, maintainable) goals. Who’s with me?!

Good, I know you’d be in 😉 It’s one thing to set a goal, another thing to take action, and yet another thing to achieve it. So, how does a goal go from an empty box on a page to a big, beautiful check-mark of accomplishment? You’ve gotta be SMART, sister.


I know it sounds like something you might hear at a team building retreat right before the trust fall… but bear with me, it really works. The SMART method is an approach to goal setting that aims to clarify ideas and ultimately, increase chances of success. For example, instead of “run more” try “run 3 times per week” or “run a total of 10 miles per week.” By transforming this goal from ultra-ambiguous to specific, measurable, and time-oriented, we establish a clear set of action items and definition of success. SMART stands for Specific (what, who, where, when), Measurable (quantifiers and qualifiers for progress), Achievable (realistic and attainable), Relevant (why), Time-bound (action-oriented deadlines).


Without further ado, I present my goals and intentions for the year ahead:


  • Achieve handstand pushups
  • Achieve a handstand hold
  • Achieve a bar muscle up
  • Improve max-effort endurance

Always try before assuming I can’t. The ultimate goal is to RX as many workouts as possible (in a direct correlation to strength + gains) as I continue to progress as a Crossfit athlete… but that isn’t totally a SMART goal 😉 In order to get closer to consistently RXing and achieving my specific physical goals, I have to develop a real understanding of my current skill set. So, whether it’s a gymnastics move or a prescribed weight, I will (safely) attempt before strategically caling to a level that is both appropriate and challenging.

  • Train for and complete the Broad Street 10 Miler

A comeback goal from 2017! Never had I ever imagined that I would be able to run a 5k, let alone have the ability and desire to run 10 miles. Although I was determined (and excited) to participate in the 2017 Broad Street Run, my incredible European vacation derailed my training. While I probably could have physically managed the 10 miles, I decided to defer my participation until I felt the timing was really right. I did not want to dread every stride on the pavement during this race, and this year I plan to love every damn step.


  • Document 1 original recipe per month

To the hundreds of you who slide into my DMs requesting recipes to which I so very often respond, “I just totally winged it! [monkey emoji]” I apologize! In all seriousness, I have always been shy about sharing my recipes out of fear that you wouldn’t enjoy them or find them as delicious as I do. Alas, I can not please everybody, I am not peanut butter 😉 The more I learn about nutrition, the more I find a real-deal love for experimenting in the kitchen, and the more confidence I have in preparing simple, healthy, and tasty meals. 2018 is the year to let it show!

  • Keep a daily meal journal log

Since I made the decision to take a much-needed hiatus from tracking macros, I haven’t had a consistent means of logging my daily food intake. Without getting hyper-critical of macronutrients and calories, I’d like to bring back a high-level weekly and daily meal journal that provides more structure to my eating habits and allows me to accurately reflect on my nutrition and, ideally, tighten the reigns on mindless snacking.


  • Practice positive reframing and repositioning

True story: when something crappy or annoying happens, I text my bestie and ask her to reframe it for me. Blame it on my sign. I’m a gemini to the bone, and I often react to situations quickly, personally, and deeply emotionally. I do value myself a positive person by nature, but I’d like to actively practice finding and focusing on my own silver linings.


  • Say “yes” to more opportunities, my way

My name is Alex and, no surprise here, I’m a bit of a home-body. Since falling so passionately in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle, a lot of once-familiar social settings have the potential to feel foreign to me (read: heavy alcohol consumption and lack of sleep). At times, this sensation causes me to remove myself from scenarios out of fear of being perceived as the odd one out, or being questioned about my preferences. No more, y’all. Right now, this is me, and I belong. Just, in my own way. In 2018 I’ll say “yes” to bars and dinners and nights out, but on my own terms and with pride.


  • Consistently blog at least 2 times per month

Fitlicity is much more than a blog or an Instagram account to me, it’s the word I’ve chosen to define and represent my version of a happy, healthy, fit lifestyle. It’s an outlet for me to be creative, vulnerable, authentic, and sometimes sassy 😉 Between world travels, an engagement, buying a home, and rescuing a puppy, 2017 was beyond busy and, at times, this blog went quiet as I navigated life. In 2018 I’m making it a goal to plan and prioritize the blog so that I can have a consistent voice. Speaking of which, if there is anything you’d like me to write about please message me here or on Instagram!


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