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You know the feeling of child-like excitement that comes when you fall asleep to just another wintery Wednesday evening – cold earth, bare trees, gray skies – and you wake up on the other side of morning to a blanket of pure, untouched white snow? Suddenly the same view you’ve seen for the last few months (or years) is alive with a new magic and energy. Take that, and multiply it by 10,000. That’s how I felt this morning.

When I decided to give a face and name to my Fitness Journey almost two (!!) years ago, I  had no idea where it would lead me. In fact, I was a little terrified to put myself out there and have anyone from my “real life” discover my fit-alter-ego. It’s safe to say I didn’t anticipate connecting with some of the most incredibly strong and dedicated women across the globe, falling completely in love with the fitness community, and having my healthy, fit life become the foundation of my real life. My alter-ego become my always-ego. And I certainly did not imagine that 10,000 people would want to follow along as I navigated fitlicitymy unique definition of a happy, healthy, fit life.

My first post!

I swell with pride and joy that I have support in the literal thousands, from my family and friends to those of you who I have never met. I appreciate that you’ve stood by me while I’ve transitioned my routines and practices (whaddup Crossfit!), even if they differ from yours, and differ from who you started following 20 months ago. I am so very grateful that I can tell you about my best days and my PRs, and even more grateful that I can share with you my doubts and frustrations.


What do I want for the future of fitlicity? I want to inspire you to prioritize yourself. I want to make you believe you are capable. I want to get your hands on a barbell stacked with some heavy weight. I want to encourage you to do something you’ve never done. I want to be authentic. I want to give you warm support and hit you with tough love. I want to redefine your perception of fitness, health, and self love. I want to show you that living a healthy, active life is sustainable, maintainable, and accessible.

In honor of each and every one of you, and the moments that have led us here, I’ve rounded up my Top 10 blog posts for your reading pleasure. We ain’t done yet! I’m looking forward to bringing you new content with a fresh voice in this stage of my journey.

xoxo Al

  1. Craving Compromises. Read about how I choose to do balanced eating with my favorite principal: craving compromises. Hint hint: pizza, fries, and ice cream!
  2. Week of Eats. Let’s talk overlapping ingredients, y’all! This approach to meal planning is a game changer.
  3. Receipts Rejoice. I firmly believe that every dollar spent on your health is the best investment you can make, but all of our wallets could use some TLC. Money saving shopping tips here!
  4. Food Marketing. The health halo is only getting brighter, fam. I’m breaking down nutritional buzz words with my girl Kelly from KP_ingitsimple!
  5. Art of the Cart. A peek into my must have cart, freezer, and pantry staples.
  6. Let’s Talk About Progress. My fave ways to measure progress. Spoiler Alert: not one involves the scale.
  7. Be Your Own Fitspo. Self-derrived motivation is key to success, here’s how to find it.
  8. Happy, Healthy, and Fit. In life, love, and fitness, it’s either a HELL YEAH or a HELL NO.
  9. An Open Letter to Girls Missing From the Weight Room. Love, Yours Truly.
  10. 500 Days of Fitlcity. 100+ things that I’ve learned (and am still learning) from my fitness journey.

One thought on “10K Top 10

  1. This is such a great idea and I loved each blog post you shared! Congratulations on two years of blogging and finding healthy on your own terms. I love reading about your “it” moment, a.k.a when we start to recognize our bodies and diets as so much more than objects and numbers. That is so important when pursuing a healthy lifestyle and it’s a message that every woman needs to hear. Congrats girl!

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