Download: Printable Meal Plan

If you follow along with my daily health and fitness musings on Instagram, you know I recently made the return to Intuitive Eating after tracking macros for 6 months. A little while back, I wrote a post about the importance of enjoying your lifestyle and it has a lot to do with why I decided to get back in tune with my intuition as it pertains to nutrition. You can read more about this choice here.

Who loves food and works best with a plan? This girl! (And like, probably all of you). Saying “So long for now!” to MyFitnessPal doesn’t mean I’m going rogue on meals. Instead of logging digitally, I’m bringing back a better-than-ever weekly meal chart. And by popular demand, I’m sharing a printable version with you! This mega-plan outlines your workouts and food, all in one place! And – inspired by my habits – it even has a space for potential treat yo’self moments 😉 Download it here – and plan on, sister!

Meal Chart-01Design inspired by Tone It Up.

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