500+ Days of Fitlicity

  1. Loving your body for all of its flaws is not the same as accepting the effects of mistreating it
  2. I love few things more than lifting legs
  3. I especially really love back squats and deadlifts
  4. Training your mind to empower and endure is just as important as training your body
  5. Trader Joe’s is heaven on earth
  6. I like sweet potato
  7. I really like brussels sprouts
  8. I like almonds [and walnuts and cashews]
  9. Always, always, charge your wireless headphones
  10. Friends make long distance runs fun
  11. No two workouts are the same, embrace it!
  12. There is a difference between legitimate reasons and excuses, learning to differentiate them takes practice and patience
  13. Waking up early is like diving into cold water, just jump in and you’ll adjust right away
  14. When it comes to exercise, you don’t have to do it all (where all is: lifting, long distance running, yoga, barre, spin, etc)
  15. Believe it or not, your mind is stronger than your body, and your body is smarter than your mind.
  16. When making protein pancakes, always mash banana and almond milk together first
  17. When topping protein pancakes, the limit does not exist
  18. When eating protein pancakes, be present til the last bite
  19. Yes, you NEED the [sports bra/leggings/lulu/tank]
  20. Rest days are absolutely necessary
  21. Never having tried a food does not constitute as not liking a food (see #6-8)
  22. Change happens outside of your comfort zone
  23. You are your only competition
  24. Comparison kills progress
  25. No matter how much of a party girl you are and how many times you say you’ll never give it up, if you dedicate your life to health and fitness, alcohol will lose its luster
  26. ^^^ I hate hangovers
  27. Food is fuel
  28. Fruits and veggies are, in fact, carbs
  29. Balance is aspirational
  30. Consistency is key
  31. The right strategic consistency = progress
  32. Progress is not linear
  33. One day, your “after” will become your “before”
  34. Cravings change with time and consistency
  35. When the goal is not achieved, change the means, not the goal.
  36. Health is total wellness – that is: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing.
  37. Tying your sneakers too tight before a long run will lead to a very sore ankle
  38. Monitor broiling fish or beware of small oven fires
  39. Abs in the morning, veggie belly in the evening
  40. Yes, you really, actually, can do that thing
  41. Goals and priorities are always in flux, be flexible with them
  42. Open up to your friends and family about your fitness journey
  43. It’s not about having time, it’s about prioritizing
  44. Practice makes perfect protein pancakes
  45. Always count dancing as cardio
  46. Everybody has an opinion
  47. Always add an egg to 99% lean ground turkey
  48. Meal Prep is the real MVP and hands down the best routine I adopted 
  49. There is no one size fits all approach to health, nutrition, wellness, or fitness
  50. The runners wave/gym nod makes me feel really cool
  51. I have replaced all of my vices with peanut butter
  52. I enjoy finding restaurant cooked meals that fit my dietary preferences
  53. It is possible to maintain your nutrition goals with only a mini fridge and a microwave 
  54. As much as I try, I really don’t enjoy spin classes
  55. Knowing that I choose to prioritize myself is the most rewarding sensation
  56. Envisioning a healthy future motivates me
  57. My fitness journey stopped me from living on auto pilot
  58. My fitness journey reignited my passion for writing
  59. I have a second dessert stomach
  60. I do not believe in cheat meals, cheat days, or cheating yourself in general
  61. I do believe in treat yo’self moments
  62. When baking, following measurements is very important
  63. Baking soda is not the same as baking powder
  64. Plant based protein is better for baking than whey protein
  65. I am blessed with incredibly supportive family and friends and the ultimate booch loving fiancé
  66. I find nutrition so fascinating it makes me want to consider a major career change
  67. Food marketing can be terrifying, and it makes me want to become an advocate and educator 
  68. Intuitive nutrition and fitness patterns are the best way to learn about your body
  69. Lifting legs makes it difficult to find jeans that fit
  70. It is more important to celebrate wins than it is to harp on failures
  71. Every moment is a new beginning
  72. Foods I once loved no longer appeal to me (like fries and cupcakes)
  73. HIIT hanger is REAL
  74. I love cropped gym tanks
  75. Lululemon actually IS worth it 
  76. Kale me crazy, but I truly believe you can never have enough kale
  77. Macros be damned, I will never say, “no” to an Acai bowl
  78. I go through phases with meals and ingredients
  79. And songs
  80. I live by the Growth Mindset
  81. I run best with a bomb ass cardio playlist and a piece of gum
  82. Stepping into the weight room has strengthened me as much mentally as it has physically
  83. More cardio doesn’t always equal more progress
  84. Post workout endorphins are the realest 
  85. It’s not about being a better version of yourself, it’s about being the best version of yourself at any given moment

  86. The best version of yourself is always changing
  87. Motivation serves you best when it’s self propelled 
  88. Life is short, eat the almonds
  89. Not all calories are created equal
  90. Calories should be embraced, not feared
  91. In fact, no food should be feared
  92. Not all macros are created equal
  93. Silicon muffin liners are a necessity for egg muffins
  94. I still stand by my first “why”: live less out of habit, and more out of intent
  95. Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning is worth the hype
  96. You can modify any recipe to meet your dietary preferences with a little education and creativity
  97. ^^^ Yes, donuts can be healthy
  98. Lifting weights does not make you bulky
  99. When looking at packaged goods, the first thing I look at is the ingredients
  100. If the ingredients meet my personal standards and preferences, I’ll eat it no matter what the nutrition facts are
  101. Food scales don’t lie + weighing your food is eye opening (hello, serving sizes!)
  102. Living a healthy lifestyle and treating yourself with respect is easier than beating yourself up every damn day
  103. I like preworkout and I can not lie
  104. I don’t believe in “making up” for missed workouts
  105. My biggest motivation is the notion that time passes no matter what we do. It helps me to make choices that support how I want to feel in an hour, a day, a month, a year. 

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  1. I feel like I could have written this, except the part about brussels sprouts, wireless headphones, and adding an egg to ground turkey (because I hate ground turkey no matter what).

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