Fitlicity Faves: Trader Joe’s

If you asked me to close my eyes and describe my happy place – a place where I could spend all of my days – it would have a squat rack, and barbells, and rows and rows of roasted & raw nuts and seeds, and zig zag butternut squash, and crunchy chia + flax peanut butter. Stop. Wait a minute. What I am describing is essentially a gym combined with a Trader Joe’s.


Alas, I must resort to getting my sweat on and my shop on in two different locations… but I won’t stop dreamin’ 😉

Since beginning my Fitness Journey, I have been loyal to my main squeeze, Trader Joe for all things grocery haul. So long weekend bar hops – it’s Friday night aisle hops now! It is no exaggeration to say that, with the exception of protein (I buy in bulk) and a few speciality brands, every single item in my fridge, freezer, and pantry is purchased from Trader Joe’s. I have to acknowledge TJs for the role it has played in my healthy lifestyle. Shout out to you, TJ, for committing to making quality, healthy food accessible and affordable. Because of you, I have been able to sustain ~25 meals/week for two people (one being my very hungry fiancé) for an average of $75 or less.


Without further ado, I present a list of my favorite Trader Joe’s buys:

Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter with Flax & Chia Seeds
“Between the nuts and the seeds, each two tablespoon serving provides 320mg of ALA (Alpha-lineolenic acid) Omega-3 fatty acids. Good stuff, indeed.” – Trader Joe’s *Bonus: save the container for ONOs and chia seed pudding. Thank me later.



Dried Fruit: Organic Turkish Figs, Just Mango Slices, Golden Raisins, New Zealand Apple Rings, Banana Chips*
All the goods of sweet, chewy dried fruit sans added sugar and artificial ingredients. Win! (*banana chips do have added sugar, but make for a a good treat yo’self snack!)


Go Raw Trek Mix (Just a Handful)
Keep your candy, sodium, and sugar – trail mix imposters. The textures and flavors in this blend make it hard enough to close the bag. Pro tip: buy the proportioned packs to prevent eating an entire bag in one sitting 😉


Nothing But Fruit & Nuts
Trader Joe, you have outdone yourself here. Introducing the perfect “guilt-free” post-dinner treat for anyone with a sweet tooth like me. The Date • Hazelnut • Cacao flavor tastes like a chocolate candy! If you can find ’em on the shelves, buy ’em all!


Sprouted Grain Bread
I love the texture, better-for-you process & ingredients, and the protein count! Toast it up or eat it fresh 🙂

Whole Grain Crisp Bread
“Ingredients include: sunflower and sesame seeds, flaxseed, oat and wheat bran, and a few other straightforward ingredients.” – Trader Joe’s



Grainless Granola
O.M.Granola. Goodbye, sugary granola traps and hello, naturally sweet dates, bananas, nuts, seeds, and cinnamon. I love you so!
trader joes

Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal
It’s right there on the cover: made with amaranth, flax, chia, and quinoa… could it get any better?


Just Beets
It’s the fitchick chip. “‘C’mon!’ you say. ‘Isn’t there at least some sea salt, or a little oil, or some additional seasoning added?’ No. No. And no. These are Just Beets.” – Trader Joe’s


Double Roasted Salsa
Just the right amount of smoky spice with ingredients you can feel good about. 


Seasonal Produce
Butternut squash zig zags, sweet potato ribbons, corn, organic rainbow carrots, jazz apples, fresh berries




Frozen Goods
Organic riced cauliflower, green veggies (brussels and broccoli florets), spiralized carrots, frozen fruit (fancy berry medley, organic tropical blend), Gone Bananas (treat yo’self ;))


Everything But The Bagel Seasoning
Worth the hype.



6 thoughts on “Fitlicity Faves: Trader Joe’s

  1. A bunch of my favs and some new ones to try! Thank you! But how do you do it for $75! Maybe prices are higher in Seattle but we shop 80% at Trader Joe’s(mostly organic) and spend nearly $200/week! Usually $150ish is Trader Joe’s… I must learn your secrets!

    1. Well, I must admit I do not shop entirely Organic. While I would love to, and try as often as possible, sometimes I just can’t swing it (damn you, food industry!). I shop very strategically – I wrote a post a while back called Week of Eats that shows my method of Overlapping Ingredients. I live by this to get the most bang for my buck. I also always buy protein in bulk, so my weekly Trader Joe’s spends don’t include my meat or fish.

  2. I always see you posting about that Flax and Chia nut butter so I’m putting that on my list of things to buy when I go! Along with that neat-sounding instant oatmeal! Thanks for sharing your faves!

  3. LOVE this post! TJ’s is my favorite store eva eva! Where do you get your bulk proteins from? I have theee hardest time finding chicken breasts, fish, etc without nasty additives and could use any tips you have! Thank you for the enlightening posts, girl! 🙂

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