Recipe: Banana Nut Morning Bite

Ahh, the sweet taste of recipe experimentation. There is almost nothing I love more (except probably leg day) than rolling up my sleeves in my tiny but totally functional galley kitchen, pressing play on a girl-power Pandora station, tossing the season’s freshest ingredients in a bowl, and hoping for something finger-licking good (Tip: there is always a positive outcome with peanut butter  😉 ).

Y’all know I love – and need – a stamina boosting pre-workout snack, and after the success of my PB Cran Protein Bite (where success refers to my boyfriend sneaking his fair share), I just had to mix up another pop-n-go tasty treat. This time, I wanted something a bit lighter in texture that didn’t compromise any energy-inducing carbs and muscle-building protein. A little bit of eating sorting my way through the pantry and one cocao powder incident later, the Morning Bite was rolled, stacked, and of course, tasted.

Doughy, sticky, chocolatey, nutty and sweet (without added sugar), these Morning Bite’s can’t be beat 😉

Ingredients (yields about 10 bites):
approx. 8 large dates (soaked & pitted)
1 serving your favorite vanilla protein (I love Aloha and Perfect Fit)
2 tbsp Trader Joe’s crunchy peanut butter with flax and chia (you can totally sub your fave crunchy PB and B.Y.O. flax and chia to the mix) *Tip: if you’re using a no-stir PB, you may want to add a splash of almond milk for preferred texture
1 tbsp unsweetened cocao powder
1/3 cup unsweetened dried banana chips (chopped)

morning bites

Soak whole dates in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes. Once softened, carefully slice dates to remove pits. Blend pitted dates in a NutriBullet or food processor until smooth. Grab the biggest mixing bowl you can find. Combine blended dates, protein powder, nut butter, and cocoa powder. Knead thoroughly until ingredients are evenly distributed throughout dough. Fold in chopped banana chips and roll dough into bite sized balls. Taste one (or two 😉 ). Refrigerate or freeze for later.



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