Fitlicity Faves: Booty Builders

What if I told you there was a place, a place where you could build-a-booty? The kind that rappers rhyme about, the kind that makes Nicki Minaj throw side-eye, the kind that puts the peach emoji to shame? Stop dreaming, sister! This place exists, and I call it… the gym. I hate to burst your bubble, butt you ain’t gonna get the ass you want by sittin’ on it 😉

If you follow my daily dose of fitspiration on the ‘gram, you know I love (I mean really, love) leg + glute day. Something about the sheer power of the lower-bod vs. the squat rack makes me feel like a bad ass (with a good ass 😉 ). That booty burn is just about the only thing that can get me out of bed before sunrise on a Friday.

While my B-cup totally volunteered as Tribute during my fitness journey, my tight & toned tush dreams are staying alive – thanks, in part, to these three moves (honorable mention to the classic Back Squat):

  1. Stiff Leg Deadlift (Barbell): tones the hamstrings + lifts the booty

    *squeeze at the top*

  2. Weighted Glute Bridge (Kettle Bell): pumps up the entire glute + (bonus!) works the core
    *lower, lift, squeeze, repeat*
  3. Kneeling Squat (Smith Machine): isolates the tush + emphasizes the top of the booty
    *lift, push hips forward + squeeze at the top*

Sprinkle these moves into your favorite Leg Day routine for an extra butt-burn, follow immediately with protein, and wait for the pump. Here is a Leg + Booty Burner that left me begging for foam-roller mercy.


Now, get to squattin’!

4 thoughts on “Fitlicity Faves: Booty Builders

  1. This is great! I have heard amazing things about glute bridges and hip thrusts.

    The program I’m on now has RDLs which are just great. That weighted stretch at the bottom of the movement is a hammy killer.


    Thanks for sharing!

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