Let’s Talk About Progress


The most important thing about a Health & Fitness Journey is right there in the name. Key word: journey. May I present a montage of ~inspirational~ quotes to spare you a lengthy, wordy explanation of what you already know I want to write. Drum roll please…

That’s right! This whole fit-life thing – despite being as cliche as crying over spilled unsweetened almond milk 😉 – is totally about the journey. All that good (and sometimes not-so-good or scary) stuff between setting a goal and checking it off? That’s where we challenge ourselves, where we meet determination, where we adapt and achieve. It’s where we witness the power of progress and the beauty of becoming.

At this mile-marker of my personal fitness journey, I’m all about maintaining and sustaining. For me, that means making choices that promote a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle. But what happens when the TIU Bikini Series is over, and you find yourself so far from your starting point with your future in front of you like an open road disappearing into a inspirational-quote emblazoned horizon? (See above 😉 ) When you’re in it for the long haul, acknowledging achievements is key for keeping mental game and physical gains strong. Check out my three favorite ways to measure progress. Spoiler alert: not one involves a scale.

  1. Pose for the Pic. First things first, in the spirit of a health & fitness journey, let’s abandon the terms “before” and “after” and call it all progress. Grab ya white wall, grab ya Calvins, and smile, girl. Pictures help make clear all the progress our minds may dismiss when we look in the mirror each day. Place ’em side-by-side and you have an entirely new perspective on your progress – physically and mentally. I challenge you to look beyond the developing abs and take note of the expression on your face, your posture, and your post-HIIT glow 🙂 Remember, you were always beautiful, but now your workin’ on being faster, stronger, and healthier.
  2. Focus on the Fit. When it comes to clothing, I encourage you to forget the number printed on the label and instead hone in on how pieces feel on your body. Maybe a stubborn button latches up with ease. Maybe your fave jeans are hugging your curves like never before – haaaay booty gains! Whatever it may be, wear what feels good, sister! Confidence is your very best accessory.
  3. Respect the Reps. Close your eyes and picture yourself crushing 15 reps of that exercise. You know the one, the one you dread seeing listed in the Daily Moves. For me, it’s plyo-lunges and lateral tricep extensions. I mean really, who the hell invented plyo-lunges?!  The thing is, with consistent effort, one day your body will accomplish what it couldn’t two weeks, two months, two years ago. You’ll go for another 15 plyo-lunges. You’ll pick up a 10lb dumbbell for that lateral tricep extension. And that, fitties, deserves a big-ass gold star of progress.

Above all, remember that your progress, and your journey, is entirely unique to you. Let go of comparisons and keep doin’ your thang – happy looks good on you, girl 🙂 I’ll leave you with my absolute favorite quote that has resonated so deeply with me as I navigate this happy, healthy, fit lifestyle. Read it n’ repeat it:

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