FAQ: “How do you stay motivated?”

Motivation. It’s a necessary brick in the foundation of any fitness journey, nestled somewhere between determination and discipline. Without motivation, one of two things is sure to happen: 1. You won’t do it (insert whatever your it may be here: exercise, nutrition, etc.) 2. You’ll do it, but you won’t give it the required dedication.

Motivation comes from within, and the key to finding it every day relies on an honest and loving relationship with oneself. The way I see it, motivation has three stages:

  1. The Catalyst. This is the part where you want it more than anything. It often begins as a means to a solution, a transformation, an “after.” In this stage, you are propelled by the honest reality of your current state of being, and your deep desire to change.
  2. The Results. Something happens when you do it, day after day. Your efforts become results that you can see and feel – you lift a heavier weight, you run an extra mile, you have more energy. With each small change, you imagine the endless possibilities of your potential. Here, you are motivated by the promise of an outcome.
  3. The Lifestyle. You’ve been so fiercely consistent that it is engrained in every fiber of your being. You are motivated by the very idea that it is a part of what makes you, you.

Disclaimer: There is no magic pill – two tablets once daily with water does not apply here. However, these simple practices totally have your back when it comes to maintaining motivation.

  1. Bring Your Goals To Life. Something incredible happens when you get your goals out of your crowded mind and onto a sacred space. Statistics vary, but it is reported that those who translate their goals to a tangible form are 50%-90% more likely to achieve success. A vision board is a tool used to bring clarity and focus to a specific life goal through imagery, quotes, and objects. Grab your magazines and start cutting, girls! Clip images of #fitspo and words that resonate with you – happy, love, strong. Bullet out your goals and check them off. Jot down positive affirmations (and read them). Allow your vision board to be a constant work in progress with room to grow. Fancy yourself more of a digital gal? Use Pinterest to source and save your inspo. (Tip: place your vision board somewhere highly visible and away from clutter. My vision board is next to my bed to reinforce my goals as I start and end each day). FullSizeRender 4.jpg
  2. Get Social. A check-in a day keeps the cheat days away 😉 I highly recommend creating a social media profile solely dedicated to your fitness journey and whole-heartedly believe it was crucial to my own success (shout out #TIUteam!). Committing to one post a day encourages you to make choices that you are proud to share with your new #fitfam. Consider this: would you rather post a pic of your hand hitting snooze or hitting the weights? The latter, baby! Struggling to get out of bed for those early morning workouts? Open up Instagram and get inspired by all the fitties beating you to it. Social platforms are the ultimate accountability partner – they track your progress, provide encouragement, and are full of knowledge and experience.
  3. Define (and continue to redefine) the Motive. Without a clear motive, your mind is much more inclined to convince you that your goals are not in fact priorities, and this could not be farther from the truth. I want you to sit down, with only a writing utensil and a piece of paper, close your eyes and think about why – why you are going to run, lift, sweat, and meal prep. Then, every time you think of giving up (the 5 am alarm, the last rep, the burnt protein pancake), look yourself in the eye, remember your why, and keep going. (Tip: If you don’t know where to start, jot down “Because I love myself” and go from there).

Most importantly, love what you do. Cultivate a positive relationship with your fitness journey, be unapologetically passionate about your lifestyle, and continue to nourish yourself – mind, body, and soul.

Any other questions? Drop  me a line!

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