What is fitlicity?

To be completely honest, when I began my fitness journey I wanted just one thing: to lose weight. Probably, more specifically, to have the bod of Gigi Hadid. It wasn’t until my fitness journey unfolded that I came to the realize two things. 1. Surprise, surprise – I am no sun-kissed and freckled 5’10” frame (and never will be) and 2. This lifestyle is about far more than the physical.

I read once that a healthy outside begins with a healthy inside. For me, this wasn’t necessarily the case. In my experience, my mental and physical health developed simultaneously. Their roots so inextricably intertwined that where I watered one, the other would grow. As I nourished my body, my mental attitude bloomed.

The way I see it, each conscious choice I make towards a balanced, healthy lifestyle is an opportunity to flex my emotional & spiritual muscles – whether it’s pushing my limits in the gym or easing into a mobility flow, using food to fuel my body or fuel my soul.

That’s what fitlicity is about; it’s the alignment of mind, body, and soul. It is physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. It celebrates the process of progress and the beauty of becoming. It is as equally marked by consistency and discipline as it is about patience and self-love. It’s a state of happiness built on a solid foundation of healthy choices – and it’s how I define my life.

fitlicity (fit · lic · i · ty) noun: the point where happy, healthy, and fit meet.



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